Sunday, October 26, 2008

Helping Feed the Hungry this Holiday Season

I have volunteered our therapy dog group, Paws Partners Inc., to do a food drive for the Tarrant Area Food Bank. We are hoping to collect as many items from our list as possible between now and November 19th.

You can download our list of items here, if that doesn't work you can visit my website for details via this link. If you live in the DFW area and have anything to donate let me know and I'll arrange a way to meet you and get the items from you! . . . and thanks!!

We are also doing our annual Xmas fundraiser where we sell our dog biscuit reindeer ornaments. Yes! Aren't they cute? I made those all myself! I do all the ornaments and we sell them for $5. Cute, eh? So if anyone wants one please place your order online by filling out our online form here.

Thanks to anyone who helps, we can't wait to help the community more and show what great things our therapy dog group can do!

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