Monday, February 24, 2014

Chronicles of a Puppy Owner.

Hello dog world.  Guess what? This mother of 3 youngsters (of the human variety) and mother to two dogs now has become a mother to a puppy. Yup. A 10-week old Beagle named "Charlotte" (lovingly named by my 5 year old, Sophie.)  I decided after much thought, research and consideration that my 5 year old would do well understanding how to raise and train a puppy.  Our other two dogs are almost 12 years and 9 years and really don't have too much to offer for a playful, spry 5 year old.  I decided Sophie would be great to help me work with and raise this puppy.  And so it was decided that a Beagle was a good choice from a responsible breeder.  They are a nice size, grooming maintenance is minimal and temperament is good with kids.  So, the Beagle was found and we got her Thursday, February 20th.

I've decided I'll be making various videos to show little hints of properly raising and training a puppy, especially with kids.  However, this will benefit anyone with a puppy even if kids aren't in the home.

I will do  individual videos on the following  common puppy issues that I get the most questions about as a trainer:

  • nipping/biting (hands/feet)
  • chewing in appropriate objects
  • grabbing clothes and/or biting at shoes 
  • first things to teach a new puppy/dog
  • body language 
  • how kids should interact with puppies 
... and several others are hopefully going to happen as well!  Stay tuned and follow my YouTube channel to see all the videos as they are added.  In the meantime here is the first video I have. It's completely raw (totally unedited) and I decided to leave it this way.  Sophie chimes in throughout the video and I loved how she did this (none of this was rehearsed or coached!) on her own after I have gone over a few things with her.

Enjoy! (If you cannot see the embedded video either visit my blog directly here: or click the following link directly to the YouTube video here: