Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Jake the Lab: Going strong!

I thought many of you would like an update on Jake, my Lab.  Many of you who are devoted followers have read in the past 15 months our horrible struggles with Jake's health, with horrible news just this past December that he would not be with us much longer . . . until I didn't give up and neither did my wonderful vet as well as one of Jake's surgeon's.  

He's been diagnosed with Secondary EPI--Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency.  Basically his pancreas doesn't break down proteins, fats or carbohydrates which was why he lost 15-lbs in a span of 3 months.  When the disease goes untreated/diagnosed the dog literally begins to starve to death all while eating normally, sometimes even more food than normal!  It's incredibly heartbreaking to watch your dog eat yet still starve to death!

However, Jake has gained a nice 9-lbs back and still has about 4 more to gain.  His ribs aren't showing any longer and he doesn't look like a neglected, abused pet any longer!  He's bouncing, having fun and back to the Jakey we all know and love!  

I didn't take any pictures of him at his lowest weight--51-lbs--and I should have just so I could see a before and after.  Here is one I took of him tonight.  He was being sweet, just sleeping and I went in to take his picture.

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