Friday, January 30, 2009

Babies, Cabin Fever & Dog Tricks.

It's been a long few months. For those who are unaware--I had my first child on November 28, 2008. Of course everything has changed and my dogs are part of that change. They have adjusted well. I'm more curious how they will tolerate her once she's moving about the floor, grabbing and heading toward one of the wagging tails to grab! We'll see how that goes . . . In the meantime I'm looking for ways to get back into things with my own dogs.

My poor pups. They haven't had a decent day at the park, a walk or anything closely related in about 2 months. They are being wonderful boys though. I did purchase one of the items I recommended on my Christmas newsletter (Miss it? Read it here.)--the Alpha Pac. It is an awesome tool and while I haven't gotten to use it yet (it iced over the past couple of days) I am really excited about getting out there to actually put it to use! I've even thought of a new class I'm going to do that will benefit me, my little girl and the dogs! It's going to be called "Moms-n-Mutts Fitness" and I'll teach moms to exercise themselves and their dogs while lugging the little one around. Strollers are required and then we'll do exercises and teach Fido how to respect the speed of the stroller and sit nicely while mom does some stationery exercises as well. I'm very excited and think it will be a great success!

I've also purchased a few new dog books that I'm going to begin reading and I'll post my thoughts on those here when I'm finished. The first book is "Pup Parenting" that is based around a child parenting book that I was incredibly moved by it's methods and even as I read it I thought to myself--wow, this is the message I try to portray to my clients! Then I discovered the author co-wrote a book with a dog behaviorist with the same methods and so I ordered it right away! I literally paid $0.13 for the book as a "Used-Almost New" book through The shipping was more than the book! Click the book's picture for a direct link to it on

I also got a book titled, "The Only Dog Tricks Book You'll Ever Need" and I'm very excited about this as we can add to our list of great tricks that we teach in our tricks classes! And speaking of here is a great little snippet of my Jack Russell, Trevor, and his best trick . . . Enjoy!

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