Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Ideas from the Doggie Parents--Newsletter Time!

Ok. I'd love to have some ideas/suggestions/comments on topics and items folks would like to see in my newsletter. I'm writing the newsletter this week and hoping it's all complete and ready to be sent out by March 1st. This is the first newsletter I've done since I had Sophie in November. I had already done a December newsletter before I had Sophie and just set it to be automatically sent at the first of December. So, that was the last newsletter. . .and well, frankly I'm feeling horrible about not being on the ball!

Every month it's very difficult to try to keep fresh ideas and not repeat things. However, we do find that many dog clients have the same questions. It's difficult for me to be on the outside looking in since dogs are my life and training just comes to me . . . So ideas from the fans--er, that's you--is the best way to get topics and good material for the newsletters.

So, if you have any ideas post it as a comment to this post and then sign up to get the newsletter if you don't already! You can do that here. It's free and it's cool. You can view all of our past newsletters here.

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