Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Biking with Fido.

So for those of you who get my newsletter you noticed that I mentioned you could bike with your dog in tow. Well I borrowed a bike from a friend and I took 2 Goldens that I walk each week (not at the same time!) and then my Lab and then my Aussie/BC. They all had a blast!

I simply held the dog's leash and went. I would really like to get a different bike and get one of the dog springer/bike riders [designed for bikes & dogs] and see if this is as simple as it appears. Also the leash-holding system can be dangerous if a dog is not that great on-leash. I really feel the safety is key and those systems sold to put on bikes for your dog are much safer. If/when I get one I'll let you know!

It wears the dogs out rather quickly, I'll tell you that! I have a few tips if you have a dog that isn't running on a regular basis for long periods of time. . . .
  • Dogs need to be in good shape to go long distances on a bike with you.
  • Go on short rides & gradually build up the time, speed & distance once you have conditioned your dog to this.
  • Start out slower than normal & gradually build up speed.
  • Avoid hills unless you are really confident or have done this a lot!
  • Remember your dog's feet can wear out quickly depending on the terrain you are riding on. Put the doggie boots on your dog if you can. Otherwise make sure the ground isn't too hot.
  • Let your dog drink afterwards but not too much as to inhale to quickly. (Remember the info on Bloat in my newsletter!)
I'll try to get some pics of my riding skills and how much fun the dogs had! I know I sure had some worn out dogs after our short 15-minute ride!

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