Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Turkey Day Safety for Dogs.

Thanksgiving is a yummy, familly-fun holiday but you need to keep several tips in mind for your dogs' safety. Did you know that emergency vet clinics see more pets during the holidays than any other time (I think the same is for humans!). So don't let your dog be a statistic!

Here is an article I'm just copying and pasting as it has some good info.

Keeping Your Pet Safe on Thanksgiving

Keep leftovers for human family members only

Pet owners should avoid offering their pets leftovers from Thanksgiving dinner. Dogs, especially smaller breeds, are susceptible to pancreatitis. The pancreas produces insulin and enzymes for digestion and when it gets irritated serious illness results. If a serious case occurs, it can be life-threatening and may require hospital treatment.

Don't feed your dog or cat poultry bones

Avoid feeding sharp poultry bones to cats and dogs. A turkey bone can splinter and become lodged in the throat or further down the digestive system. Bone fragments can cut the delicate tissues as they move down the digestive tract.

Food waste should go in the trash

You should also avoid feeding raw sweet breads, giblets or necks to pets as a treat since most raw poultry and meat has bacterial contamination. This can result in diarrhea or more serious illness. Many pets are adept at finding food on counter tops and tables, so keep your dinner out of reach. When disposing of turkey, double bag the carcass and move it to a secure garbage bin immediately after the meal.

Protect your pet from the party

If you are expecting a crowd for Thanksgiving, it may be wise to make up a special room for the pets, equipped with beds, food, water and a source of pleasant noise like a radio tuned to soft music. All of the hustle and bustle of a busy Thanksgiving dinner may be stressful for a shy pet, and a territorial pet may be unhappy with the intrusion. By restricting your pet’s access to company, you can also help minimize the chance that your pet will escape through an open door and get lost.
Have a safe, happy & good Thanksgiving!

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