Monday, February 8, 2010

Pick me! Pick me!

Hey, I entered this with the possibility of winning a $35K grant for my business! Can you say loads of fun classes and tons of great agility equipment?! If you nominate us your comments count. They judge based on what the comments say, so put in some great words!

To nominate us, click the badge below and then enter "Adventures in Canine Training" and "Arlington, TX" for the city, state. You can then enter your comments for us. (Please note: you cannot comment to this blog post to nominate us, you have to click the badge below.)
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  1. These gals know what they are doing! Classes are great, fly ball and agility are fun! They are wonderful!Everyone has a great time learning.

  2. My dog used to be a basket case until I met Stacy. Since she taught me how to properly walk him on a leash, without using any of the awful leash corrections that I was told to do by another trainer, he and I both enjoy going for a walk. He doesn't lunge at other dogs any more, and we'll even be testing for our CGC soon! I know we're going to pass. Thanks so much Stacy!

  3. These are good comments--and I love the praises--but in order to nominate us you have to comment by clicking the badge in the post and going to that site then put in Adventures in Canine Training and Arlington, TX for city,state. Thanks!!

  4. Done. That was easy. Hope you win!