Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Jake, the Pincushion Dog . . .

Update on Jake. We got the results of the ultra sound and he has to have surgery again. His intestines are bunched up in his abdomen, pushed up to the right side. She says whatever is going on is not common and she's not exactly sure why or how this happened. She said she'd have more answers once she can go inside and take a look. Supposedly if she can fix this he should be good to go (and no more surgeries!) Of course nothing like this can be guaranteed but hopefully we'll have a better perspective once she can see inside Jake and tell us more. He is supposed to go in for surgery on Monday.

I get an estimate tomorrow but I'm certain it will be around the same as the first surgery, which was $1500. We do think that kudos should be given to Dr. Franks at the Dallas Surgical Center in Grapevine. She's been so wonderful. She's caring and considerate and does a great job. (This is not where his 2nd surgery was done, she did his tumor removal in January, his 1st surgery.)

So, we are here, begging and grovelling for help. I cannot fathom any other alternative so I am doing all I can to get him what he needs so he can come home with us. If you'd like to help, "Thank you" wouldn't be enough . . .

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  1. Check out this website... my dads dog Beau (the last dog on the website) recently passed away from pythiosis... very rare! Our vet didn't even know what it was... but when he passed after having surgery to remove 1/2 of his intestines, my dad wouldn't settle for just some 'unknown diagnosis'... so he sent off biopsies across the country and Beau was actually the first known case in TX... pass the info along to your vet asap!!!