Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Mission K9 Possible.

I want to add some zip to the lives of you dog owners out there . . . so I'm designing the Monthly: Canine Mission Impossible . . . Here are the logistics:

I'll give out a mission for you to do with your dog that will involve training of some kind. Your dog cannot already know or be versed in whatever is presented in the challenge. You have to video your dog just before you start the challenge and then once during the training and then upon completion.

This is your mission, should you choose to accept it: Train your dog to do something polite instead of jumping. The dog must either sit when greeted, go to a requested place (mat, bed, stair, etc.) or something else that shows manners and good choices instead of jumping up or on a person.

In this mission you have 4 weeks to teach and train your dog. You must document, with video, how you accomplish this and the end results. Email all videos to Stacy at Mission begins Friday, July 30th and ends Monday, August 30th.

Winners will be selected based on technique, timing, creativity and the apparent relationship with you and your dog.

Prizes are as follows:
1st: Free group class & video showed off on blog & Facebook
2nd: $10 off group class
3rd: $5 off group class


  1. Cool!! too bad ollie is already pretty good at this.

  2. This should be good. My dog Zephyr is a jumper (on me only - he runs from other people). He thinks it is his mission to see how many kisses he can give me when I come home after work. He jumps up on me and does kiss kiss kiss, jumps down, jumps back up and kiss kiss kiss kiss... over and over. guess I better get batteries for my flip video!

  3. I haven't quite figured out how to video this yet and I haven't started training either.