Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Let the adventure begin!

If you follow me on Facebook you've seen my "advertisement" for our new program--The Outdoor Adventures Program, which has been inspired by Kimberly Burgan Dog Training's program by the same name in Austin.  I want to elaborate on the program as we've had some questions from several doggie parents.

First, yes you are correct, we do encourage dog owners to be part of their dog's training program.  So we have had the question--well then why are you offering this program where you come to the home and train the dog while the owner is out, gone to work, busy, etc.?   The answer is this: dogs need training and mental stimulation on a daily basis.  If the owner isn't home to give it then we will be there to do that.  After years of dog training we find that many dog owners just don't know where to start or what to do.  We also see people working longer hours and utilizing doggie daycares more often--something we really don't recommend.  This program is designed to keep your dog on the right track and get their physical and mental demands met in the best way possible--through training, games, fun and physical activities!

We also want to be very clear that this isn't a fix-it-all program (no program is).  We don't just come in, fix the issues and you're good to go.  You will be part of your dog's training, we'll just be there to give your dog the boost and you will keep up what we do when we aren't there!

Other questions we've been asked--is this really for my dog?  The truth is that this program would benefit any dog or puppy.  If you can give your dog the gift of a training professional to come in, take them out, work their little legs and brain, then don't hesitate for any reason!

If you have a puppy (under 6 months) then socialization and spot-on, good training is critical!  This program can help with 1) helping your pup's potty training stay on track, 2) teaching good habits and basic commands and 3) taking your puppy to socialize him properly to places, people and other things.

If you already have a dog walker this program will be more beneficial because we will make your dog use his noggin too, not just his legs! -- This program is truly beneficial for any and all dogs!  We personalize the program to meet each dog and his owner's needs.

Have other questions or feel like starting this program?  Fill out our online questionnaire and we'll be in touch!

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