Friday, August 12, 2011


Well I had to ask the program peeps but I've now gotten permission to advertise that . . . Jazz is accepting sponsors!  Oh yes!  A couple of the other Extreme Mutt Makeover dogs in the competition have sponsors and it's been great.  Their "donations" range from t-shirts to coupons to other fun things from dog-related businesses to individuals.

Jazz would love anyone to sponsor her and donate whatever the person, company or organization feels they can or want to do!  Nothing is too small and all monies or donations go toward the on-going care and costs of shelter dogs.

If you would like to be a sponsor and have a banner, brochures or any other promotional materials we'd be happy to advertise them for you on the weekend of the double-event, The Extreme Mustang Makeover and the Extreme Mutt Makeover.  Which will take place September 16-18 at the Will Rogers Memorial Center in Ft Worth.  The crowds expected range between 1000-2500 people.  It's a huge event and draws a big crowd.  Not to mention it's all for the animals, in this case horses and dogs!

And don't forget to follow these great Facebook pages too!

Wanna sponsor Jazz?  Let me know.  Send me an email.

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