Sunday, September 11, 2011

Wonderful Walking: Is it attainable?

Have you tried all kinds of methods, tools and other things to try to get your dog to walk nicely on the leash?  Well look no further!  This isn't magic but it sure works like it when you actually see how simple this new method is!  It's easy to do, and it's quick.  It also involves no special collars, harnesses or other tools. 

I just recently learned of this method and found it incredibly interesting so I've tried it out and found that it does work really well, really fast.  Your dog will actually look at you and walk at your side with a loose leash, where the leash has a "J" shape in it as you walk.

I'm hosting a LOOSE LEASH WORKSHOP on THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 29th at 6:30PM in the CRADDOCK PARK in Dallas.  If you would like to attend it is $40/dog and you should email Stacy for specifics and to get on the enrollment list!

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