Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Changes are a-foot ...

Stacy's dogs: Noah, Jake, Trevor & Amos
(Sadly Jake & Amos passed away.)
I think many of you are already aware, but if you aren't ... I'm Stacy Greer, owner and head trainer/behavior therapist at Adventures in Canine Training, Inc. based in the Dallas/Ft Worth Texas area. I provide dog training and behavior services to dog owners locally.  From potty training issues to aggression, I cover a wide variety of issues, depending on what the dog owner needs and/or wants.

Ok. Sorry for those of you who are regular readers and you know this info but wanted to welcome new readers!  I currently have 2 dogs of my own and a 4 year old daughter.  The newest news is that I'm pregnant with twins, two girls, and we are expecting them to arrive in March 2013.  Sadly this pregnancy has been a bit more difficult than the one with my daughter so I'll be taking leave starting December 1st, which is really in just a few weeks!

I'm referring all clients to some great local trainers that I know so if you need help please contact me so that I can refer to you a qualified and wonderful trainer that can help you!  I'm unsure when I'll return but hopefully by May 1, 2013.

Please feel free to stay updated on the blog as I plan to post more tips, training, etc. as I'm on leave.  You can subscribe by putting your email in the box to the right where it says, "Get emailed when I post new stuff!".  You'll need to be sure to confirm your email address after you enter it. So check your email's inbox and spam box (just in case) for a confirmation email or it won't work.  Thanks and feel free to scroll thru the archives and read all the past articles and posts I've written!

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