Friday, December 21, 2012

'Tis the Season ...

Well it's that time of year . . . but well . . .  I must apologize because this list is way too late for anyone to gift any of these things but they are still great to look at and get for um .... New Year's gifts?!!  Why not add to a dog lover's list for help with a good start to the New Year?! 
This list is a repeat from last year's list but that's because I loved them so much I had to repeat them ... and also because I didn't have time to put a new one together this year! 

K9-Rosco Dog Walking Jacket, still one of my favorites, I am in love with this coat! Too many features to list here but a few include: built-in leash belt, extractable pick-up bag cargo pocket, Detachable Plastic Cargo Pocket Treat/Waste Insert, & 2 Hands Free Accessory Carabiners.  For more details, full list of features & where to buy click here.

DawggieGoPak®, don't want the whole jacket but would like easier walking? This is the perfect solution for urban professionals and on-the-go suburban parents to properly care for their dogs.  The product’s compact size allows it to attach to any leash and is large enough to accommodate all of your on-the-go needs.  DawggieGoPak’s multi-pocket design can carry: Keys (both house and car), Dog treats, Any MP3 player, Any mobile phone. For more details click here.

Dog Gone Smart Beds, not just your average dog bed.  These beds wick away the tiniest of particals leaving the bed virtually unable to be penetrated with any liquid or messes of any kind.  They come in many sizes, colors & styles.  For all the details, click here.

'Zack' Personalized Dog Collar, not your average personalized dog collar!  She's got tons of different designs to choose from.  The very uniqueness to the personalization on this collar is what makes it so special.  It's hand-sewn & made just for your dog!  This one is perfectly gorgeous velvety material.  For more of her designs, click here.

Soggy Doggy Doormat--need we say more?!  Who hates muddy paws? I thought so!  This mat absorbs more than just wet & mud, it also captures dirt & debris so that it stays off your floors.  Every pet home should have at least one of these!  For more details & purchasing info, click here.

Your Pet as a Plushie, cutest thing I've seen!  How would you like a plush dog that was commissioned from a photo of your own dog?  Your very own plush dog that is your dog!  I'm a kid at heart & can never pass up a plush anything!  I just think these are too cute to pass up.  Great gift idea at anytime of year.  Details here.

PetHub Tag, the most innovative tag to date!  These pet tags have a QR Code that is able to be scanned by any smartphone & the dog owner's information is displayed immediately on your phone.  No need to drive around, take a pet to be scanned, it all comes to you immediately, making getting the dog home a quick process!  For more details, click here.

Blanket ID Pet Tag, the most attractive ID tag out there!  Want a more attractive tag that has all your dog's info, easily accessible to anyone that finds your dog by logging into the BlaketID website and helping reunite you & your dog!  You have the ability to log on & change anything about your dog at anytime so that your dog's information & photos are always up to date. Get details here.

Etched Unique ID Tag, just plain cute.  I'm obviously a fan of an ID tag for your dog.  All dogs should have one on at all times.  And with some on the market as cute as these, why not?!  These are handmade & absolutely amazing.  I got one of these for each of my dogs this year.  She custom designed them to fit their personalities. They are great! They have other designs & styles as well.  Check them all out here.

The Amazing Treat Machine, a fun simple toy.  This inexpensive cardboard design is so simple yet so entertaining for your dogs!  For hours of enjoyment, fun & mental stimulation go get yours today.  You can even decorate it to be to your liking!  For a video & more details, click here

Cartoonize My Pet, cool gear to show the breed you so love!  This darling store has tons of gear you can buy with your specific breed.  It's got loads of breeds as well as loads of different colors & markings for each breed!  They also have other pets too!  Check out their store here

Dog Bone Charm Necklace by Heart on Your Wrist Jewelry is nothing short of the perfect gift for the dog lover in the family!  It is dainty & delicate but shows off your love for Fido all the same.  Check out several different styles & other designs of charms for the pet lover in the bunch!  Click here for more.

Luv & Emma's Dry Pet Towel, a must for those wet paws.  This towel is amazingly soft & does just what a towel should do -- absorb lots of liquid!  The towel holds up to 16 oz of liquid yet dries quickly.  It has a loophole on it so it can be hung on the door knob ready for use when Fido comes in from outside (now that's handy!)  It is made in the USA & is completely machine washable too.  Go get yours here.  

Tuffy's Sherman the Sheep, giant stuffed, durable dog toy.  While I don't believe any dog toy is completely safe from a dog's teeth these are the only stuffed toys I do recommend.  Most stuffed toys are obliterated in minutes & can be dangerous.  Tuffy makes some cute & durable toys.  Meet Sherman the sheep here

Molly Mutt Green Dog Bed, most amazing dog bed idea out there!  Like to be Green & environmentally conscience?  This bed is a great way to stay Green--get a DIY kit where you get a stuff sack, stuff old clothes or blankets inside, then cover it with one of their environmentally friendly duvet covers & you have a dog bed!  Choose from many amazing duvet covers & change as often as you like!  Check out more here

Padded Seatbelt Harness, a must for car safety!  This luxurious yet rugged harness is fully adjustable for chest & girth and sits low on the chest & extends only behind the front legs, thus avoiding pressure around the neck & stomach area during quick starts/stops. Designed for all sizes of dogs, you can get yours here

Under-counter dog hideaway/bed, a must for those design-conscience home owners!  This is the coolest thing on this list, and probably the most expensive!  However I couldn't leave it out!  How gorgeous is this kitchen island while still allowing for dogs to be comfortable?!  I just love this!  When I'm able to design my own house & have it built it will have many nifty dog-friendly items just like this (one day!) Get your contractor's numbers out & visit this site for more great pics.


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