Tuesday, June 11, 2019


Hello dedicated dog owners! I wanted to send this update for all my past, current and possible wanna-be clients. I'm going to be taking fewer in-home training clients starting in July and wean down to only a select number as I'm able to do so. I'm not quitting or anything like that just not going to be working as much and at times I may take weeks off at a time.

I will no longer be boarding any dogs in my home for boarding or training. This will start immediately. This one may be one of the hardest ones for me to give up because I know finding a good place to board your pets is hard and I also love doing this service for my clients. However, it's also a lot of work, especially when you are doing it from your home with your own dogs and family involved too!

I will be doing more online training! I'm hoping to focus more on online training webinars and even online consultations and one-on-one training. So, please consider this as an option. If you have a case that would involve more than can be helped via online training I'll refer you to someone who can help you out with your specific situation.

Being a mom to young kids and being very involved in their extracurricular activities and such is making me realize I need to be with my kids more. They'll be out of the house before I know it and I want to be fully immersed with them while I can be! I currently head my 6 year-old twins' Girl Scout troop and that's pretty time-consuming ... but I really, really love doing it! So, I'm going to be doing more Girl Scout stuff and other things with my kids and hubby.

Thank you so much for understanding and please feel free to contact me if you really need some in-home services. As I said, I'm not quitting, just cutting back. I will not leave anyone stranded or left behind!

Please do follow my Facebook page for online training updates and upcoming webinars, or contact me via email to set up some online training. I will be updating my website soon to reflect all these changes and ways to sign up for new services that I'll be offering. So stay tuned for that.

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