Thursday, September 4, 2008

Another Intro . . .

Well I know that a few of you have come to this blog to find it's a little, well boring! We are attempting to transition from the newsletter to the blog . . . if folks vote that they'd rather have it this way.

I realize it could lose luster this way because you may forget to log on and read all the goodies. I thought maybe an email could be sent out each month to "remind" folks of it and list the latest topics, etc.

With the blog I feel that we can be a little more personal and opinionated . . . wait those that know me know I'm that way anyway! {smile}

You can also leave comments on the blog at the end of each post. This could be valuable for input on new topics, comments on current topics, etc.

I hope to see you here often and please don't forget that we (Adventures in Canine Training, that is) would love to help you with your dog(s) whenver and however you need it! Just let us know!

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