Wednesday, September 10, 2008

You Reap What You Sew . . .

I work with many dogs and their owners. With almost 10 years of dog training behind me I've worked with thousands of dogs and their owners. I think the most important thing people must understand with dogs, much like children, is that they will be as successful as the owner allows them to be.

Your dog's training will only go as far as you allow it. I have worked with many people who would love to have a very simple solution to a problem and if they dont' like my solution they sometimes seek the help of another professional. Although a certain TV dog trainer may appear to work miracles nothing that will have long term benefits has a quick fix. If you want to raise, train and own a happy, well-adjusted dog then you will have to put some elbow grease into it. Just like a job, if you don't work hard enough you'll get passed up for the promotion.

I find the dog owners that realize that they have to be a part of their dog's training, and the solution (when there is a problem), can go quite a long way with their dog!

Adventures in Canine Training strives to teach owners that if they can be dedicated, fun and build the bond with their dog then they can actually achieve just about anything!

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  1. Agree-just as anything- you get out of it what you put in it.