Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Harry's Latest Skills.

Harry has several commands and tricks down now. He's a little rusty in some spots, and we are also working on weaning him off of treats because we can't have them at all in competition without getting the boot! So we still have a ways to go . . .

As you can see in the video he's very mouthy. He does this and it's so annoying to me and he does it worse to people when he meets them. This is what happens when you teach your puppy how to play with hands and do not teach them puppy biting is inappropriate at an early age.

He also seems to be confused with the "down" command (as in lie down). I've been working on it but not sure why he takes a couple of tries with that. I'm obviously giving him some mixed signals. I need to change something.

Now please ignore the beauty that I resonate in this lovely video. It has been one of those days! I'm not applying for Miss America anytime soon . . .

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