Monday, August 31, 2009

Extreme Mutt Makeover: Part V: A Harry Party.

Oye! It's half-way to the big showdown and I'm one nervous Nellie. Harry is doing well, very well at home, but we had a set back. I took him to my workshop on Saturday and he was a mess. He jumped and barked and yanked on the leash. He looked like a typical shelter dog who had no training at all!

I know he has really only had training in low-level distractions but he showed me the reality of what happens when you only train where the dog is comfortable. And folks, let this be a lesson. Dogs do great at home. I know this. And I know more than I should and then I go blank when it comes to this. I was more horrified with myself knowing that I knew I needed to work him in distractions and I hadn't. He just proved my point on Saturday. So now I'm hitting myself over the head!

We did head to the Euless Dog Park on Sunday with hubby and baby in tow and got about 30 minutes of some distraction work done. He did well with the treats now to just keep going until the big day and get him off of treats. No treats allowed at the competition just our love and praise!

So I'm going to offer a great deal for many of you! A free training lesson in distractions! I want to hold a "Harry Party" and have him out and in distractions working. If anyone is in, please let me know and I'll set it up. We need dogs that are already reliable to basic commands and could use the same help as Harry, the dreaded distractions! Email me if you want to join the party! Party details:

Harry Pooper Party
- Friday, September 4th
- 7:00 pm
- Craddock Park, Dallas
3300 Hawthorne Avenue
Dallas, Texas 75219

Bring your dog on a 6-foot leash with loads of yummy, yummy treats. We'll stay 30-60 minutes and see what we can do. It'll be fun. If anyone has any fun stuff to add to it (like agility jumps, tunnels or weaves) then bring those along! We will also do some fun tricks too!

Here is Harry at his best. He likes to zoom about at times in my yard! You can see that Amos (my Great Dane) isn't impressed or inclined to join in!

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