Saturday, December 12, 2009

Dog Tricks.

I'm currently teaching a tricks class of sorts to doggie parents. What a fun class this has been! We graduate Saturday, January 2nd and encourage anyone to come watch the finale! Each class member has to do a 30-second routine with their dog which can be made up of any number of tricks, jumps, music numbers--whatever they want! (The pic to the right is Sam-Me the Mini-Schnauzer sitting nicely on her mat as told.)

Today we taught the dogs to go to and get on an object. We used a bucket today and one client decided to use her back and teach her dog to sit on her. It was hilarious and the dog did it with gusto! Charlotte even had dog poop on her foot when she stood up--what a trooper! Here is Geeno and Charlotte doing their tricks. Geeno also picks up his paw when Charlotte picks up her foot and they can do a little "dance".

Another couple in class has a dog that is a mutt of sorts, resembles a Dalmation somewhat. His name is "Bo". Bo was a mess about 2 years ago when I started with them and has turned into this wonderful dog. They have done really great work with him and told me today that if they do 20 minutes of tricks with him he's done for the day. Out, pooped, zonked. I'm so proud of them and Bo! You should see him go through the tunnel too, he's big enough that the tunnel we have in class literally is stuck on him and he doesn't care. He's having too much fun running through it!

We also have a darling little fuzzy gal, named "Daisy" that is great and tricks and it is very noticeable that she loves doing them! When she gets in training mode to do tricks she's very obviously having a ball! Then of course we have a Border Collie who picks up the tricks in a heartbeat--I have high expectations for her in her routine--no pressure, Rita! Then a goofy black Lab named Bruce who has fun no matter what he's doing and will do anything for food and just to learn something new that pleases mom! I'm excited to see the results and hope we can gather a bit of a crowd for it!

(I'm so sorry I didn't do well as the cameraman today, only got a few shots and none of the other doggies mentioned in class!)

Tricks are great to get a dog tired mentally, which can wipe your dog out for much longer than physical exercise alone. Hope to see some of you in our classes in the new year! . . . . and if you're around on Saturday, January 2nd at 10am then come by the Craddock Park in Dallas and see our show of dogs! If you want details so you can see the finale, let me know!

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