Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Good Dog Toys.

I was in Petco earlier getting my dogs' food and I noticed all the dog toys. They've got a lot of good dog toys that I hadn't seen! So I thought I'd make a list of those that I recommend. You can find most of these at Petsmart and Petco or some online or in specialty shops around town. Click the pictures for you to be directed to a place online to buy.

A note on toys. Dogs are canines. They have loads of teeth, and sharp ones at that! They were designed to rip meat off of bones. So there is truly no such thing as an "indestructible toy" no matter what marketing you see. Some dogs are very good with not destroying toys and others will rip things to bits. The following recommendations are sturdy, and are more durable than many toys. I only like to recommend toys that will last. However, there is no guarantee that any toy will last, every dog is different. (Also, if your dog absolutely demolishes all toys you need to contact me, it's a sign of high anxiety and/or stress.)

Red Barn Filled Knuckle Bone: My favorite for passing time. They can be messy so I recommend putting this in the crate with your dog. This would be good for someone needing to keep the dog occupied while in the crate. Take it out when you take your dog out of the crate.

Booda Dogzilla Dumbell: All things made of thick rubber are often a good choice. They are durable and can often be stuffed with goodies. Rubber alone isn't often a dog's favorite so get the type that can be filled with dog kibble and make it a fun, challenging way to eat!

Chuck-It! Ball Launcher: If you have a dog that enjoys a good game of fetch this is a good one. While it's not really practical for most backyards (it throws too far!), it is ideal for a day at the park! My Jack Russell will go after a ball when I toss it for hours. I cannot throw so this is super handy!

Coop Pet Beast Ring: This is a heavy duty rubber ring for chewing. I think I may like this one because it just looks cool. However, if you have a chewer this could be good to leave in the crate or to occupy Fido while you work!

Nylabone Double Action Chew Bone: Anything from Nylabone is a good one in my book. I really like their products. They have many durable bones and chews for dogs. My own dogs have Nylabones that have lasted for years. This one is rather attractive and looks like a winner!

JW Pet Dexter the Elephant: This is an obnoxious squeaky toy that dogs usually go nuts over. You will have to have some real patience as it can be very annoying. The squeak could drive anyone to insanity but the dogs just love it! I also wouldn't leave your dog with this alone. The rubber isn't highly durable and the squeaker can be a danger if it's removed by your dog.

Jolly Pets Teaser Ball: This is one of my favorites. I've had this ball with my four dogs for about 5 years. It is quite beaten up, chewed up and battered but it's completely intact and still keeps them happy! It's clunky and big so be prepared for that. The outer ball is a very hard plastic, not rubber.

JW Pet Amaze-a-Ball: This is soft, thin rubber and has openings for food. Fill it with your dog's meal and let them go to town! These come in several sizes and colors. Don't leave this in a crate or with a dog unsupervised, may not last! Remember to use fillable toys for a food bowl alternative. Don't buy the icky goo that is supposed to go inside or stuff with treats--actually feed your dog out of these types of toys!

JW Pet Rubber Rings: If you haven't noticed I like JW Pet's toys as well as Nylabone! They make some very good and fun toys of many calibers. These rings can be used for a good game of tug and to practice "drop it" or if your dog likes to self-entertain he can toss these around for some good fun! They are a thick rubber, heavy duty.

Petco Canvas Dog Tug/Toss: Petco has a line of toys they make. I don't know that they are too incredibly durable but they are cute. These last if you use them as a "bonding toy". This is where you only get it out to play one-on-one with your pooch, don't leave it out for Fido to get on their own. It will last forever if you control when it comes and goes!

Petstages Rope Ball: This is good for a game of fetch and also another "bonding toy". Many dogs find joy in shredding all rope toys so I don't recommend this one be left alone with Fido either. Use it to play with your dog. Petstages makes some cool toys, some of the most eye-catching on the market but only a few can be used with no supervision!

I could go on but I'll stop there. That's a good selection. And remember toys last longer if you don't have them out all over the floor like a 3-year old's play room. Keep them guessing, bring out a different toy every other day or so and play with your dog, involve yourself in their entertainment! Use it as a training lesson!

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  1. I don't see our 9 month old Lab,Boxer,Rhodesian Ridgeback mix as being stressed or high anxiety, but perhaps I am missing something. She loves to demolish her toys. She finds the weak spot and then exploits it. Stuffing everywhere. Bits of rubber everywhere. Stuffed animals inside out and then in pieces. We exercise daily. Walking and ball throwing. She will chase a ball until she drops. I wish she wouldn't destroy her toys (and our things if we leave them where she can get them.) So, what would you suggest?