Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Fall into Fall with a Doggie Class!

Get back into the swing of things with one of our classes now that the hot weather is starting to subside. Classes are the next step in dog training if you've already done some private lessons, or if you want to do something new and different with your dog. You can find all of our classes online here:

What are your classes all about? Here is a description of each of our classes. If you need help deciding which is best for you, let us know, we can help you decide!

About Town Class In this class we show you how to have your dog out-n-about on the town acting like a polite, well-mannered pooch! We will conduct class 1 with low distractions in a park & then move to busy places such as West Village in Dallas or Sundance Square in Fort Worth (depending upon enrollments). You will be training your dog while in a busy setting with people approaching & possibly other dogs. Learn how to get your dog ready for the public in this new, innovative class!
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FUNgility Class In this class we are doing our fun style of the popular dog sport of Agility! This is a super fun class & benefits all dogs. In the class you will learn how to lead your dog through obstacles while building a bond & teaching your dog reliable off-leash skills! Don’t miss this class, it’s a must for all dog owners!
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Beyond Basics Class In this class we show you how to keep going with your dog's training; basic commands, distraction work (listening & obeying around other dogs/people), strengthen your dog's skills in a setting closer to real life—polite leash manners, walking with you, sit, lie down, stay, come & perform in close proximity of other dogs/distractions. Learn to get a well-mannered dog in public in this class!
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Loose Leash Skills Workshop Unlike group classes, workshops are only a one, or two-time meeting. In this workshop we will work on foundation leash skills & show you how to get a dog that walks on a loose-leash for life! This class is great for all puppy & dog owners & will help build a foundation for all other behaviors to fall into place when out, about & on leash. We recommend every dog owner join this workshop!
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