Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Tricks Contest!

Hope you all read my newsletter . . . I haven't' received any entries for my contest so I'm hoping you all are working so hard that you haven't' sent them in yet!  Here are the details for anyone who forgot or maybe didn't get them.  Better hurry, only 12 days left!

To get you going on our Train Your Dog Month we want to offer a contest!  Train your dog to do 2 new & fun tricks & show us how you did it to be entered to win a nice prize (it's a surprise)!

Rules & Details
1) You must only submit 2 different tricks your dog doesn't know already.  Video you starting & finishing the training successfully.  We need to see how you trained each trick & your dog completing each of them successfully.

2) Tricks can be anything that is outside of normal obedience.  Normal obedience is defined (by us anyway) sit, lie down, stay, walk on a loose leash, leave it, wait, come when called. Do not show us any obedience as a trick, we will not use them in our judging.

3) Your dog can be any age, any breed.

4) Submit your video by email or upload to YouTube & send us the link no later than 5pm, Monday, January 31, 2011.  Give us your full name, address, email, dog's name & breed.  All of these things must be included in each submission.

5) Submit all entries to: stacy@aictdfw.com

Examples of Tricks
Here is a list of tricks that you can teach your dog, of course you can be creative & think of another.  This list is just for suggestions.  Tricks can be endless.  Tricks can also be simple or complex.  Use your imagination!

  • Shake
  • High-Five
  • Rollover
  • Play Dead
  • Back up
  • Spin
  • Left Paw, Right Paw
  • Bow
  • Crawl
  • Put toys away (drop toys in a bucket)
  • Jump thru hoop
  • Jump over hurdle
  • Get on an object (folding chair, bucket, etc.)

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