Sunday, January 16, 2011

Whoo-hoo & Other News . . .

For those of you who aren't aware . . . I won 2nd place out of 28 nominees in the WFAA's A-list BEST Training category for 2010--thanks to all who voted and supported me!  I'm really are proud, can't complain at 2nd place!
Also, I'm excited to share that I'm  giving Adventures in Canine Training a major make-over--new logo and soon new website (done professionally instead of a "this'll do" by me).  These things are a bit pricey so one step at a time but the logo has been in the works for months, probably since September.  I just got the completed logo (that I truly loved) after going through 2 graphic designers and 2 illustrators.  I ended up using the illustrator who did my current logo. 
I have been asked why I'm changing the logo because the current one is very liked by many.  I just want to make something new as I'm trying a lot of new things this year for my business and I'm back to being all alone  in my ventures, as Misty has moved to Austin and has a full-time job there.  Michelle was one of my other independent contractors but she has several jobs and is a busy lady, so training has taken a back seat for her as she pursues ventures that she loves more dearly.  

The new logo portrays one of my own dogs, Noah, my Border Collie/Australian Shepherd.  He's a handsome guy and the illustrator felt he'd be great for a logo dog with his coat of many colors and his glowing personality.  I also wanted to stay along the lines of my business name, and really utilize the "adventures" part.  This is why we came up with an all new adventurous logo . . . Noah in a cape!  Let the adventures begin!  I'm playing with slogans but came up with . . . "Every dog is a superhero . . . you just have to find what makes his cape fly!"  We'll see . . .
Here is a picture of Noah that looks a lot like the logo.

So, stay tuned for new adventures, fun things & great dog training from Adventures in Canine Training . . .

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