Thursday, October 29, 2009

Canis Film Festival

Well most of you that know me know that I'm not a clicker trainer. I don't know why. I know how to use it, I know that it's a great tool. I guess I've just gotten in my groove and so I don't want to change. Well I may just cross over, or at least add the clicker to my toolbox for very regular use. A clicker needs to be handled correctly, but then again so does any tool.

I was reminded today that training is not about the dog. It's very much about the dog owner. I never forget this but some clients remind me of this more than others. If you want to change your dog's behavior you will have to change something about yourself. I don't know what that is unless I meet you and your dog but I can tell you that this is the single most difficult obstacle to overcome. As a dog trainer I find it the most difficult part of my job. I find owners who want a quick solution and even those who would like for someone else to do the work for them altogether (and trainers who will take the money and do this too!) and then have a great dog in return. But the long-term effects of the training are solely based on you and what you do or don't do.

Just like weight loss, there is no quick or easy solution. It will take some work and some dedication . . . a lot of patience but the end result is so rewarding that it is indescribable . . .

Ok now onto something that is educational and fun. . . . . Karen Pryor, the pioneer of clicker training, has an annual Canis Film Festival where anyone can submit a video for the contest. One of the videos that is a finalist in this year's contest is a really great one. It is from the perspective of the dog, which makes it that much better ,but the way it is done is very creative.

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