Monday, October 5, 2009

Lots of Goodies . . .

I've got lots of goodies to present . . . as well as some not so good stuff . . . but read on for the whole conglomerate of things going on in this dog trainer's world!

First, I've had some folks ask about Harry. He's doing great. His owners love him to death and she sends me videos of him being goofy and cute, just as I remember him! She said she was able to show off all of the great tricks I taught him and he was a huge hit with her friends--go Harry!

Which will bring me to my first announcement: Adventures in Canine Training is offering a new, fun and innovative class "Mutt Masterpiece Theater". This class was designed thanks to Harry as well as me wanting to bring a fun, advanced and fresh idea to dog training! You can blow up the flyer by clicking on the image to the right. This class will teach focus around other dogs while giving you and your dog something exceedingly fun to do! You will learn tricks, agility, freestyle and how to work with dogs in a group. Read more . . .

I am also adding an element to my business to try to bring in some extra money so I don't have to seek a 2nd job to help support my family. This one is a good one. If you have a dog walker or have thought about getting one for your dog then re-think it . . . try my new program, I am now The Pooch Pedlar! That's right. Read details on my flyer, click the image to the left.

Now for my not-so-great news. My poor pup, Jake is my yellow Lab. Many know him. He's sweet as sugar. He helps me in many of my aggression cases. Well he's been diagnosed with a mast cell tumor and it has to be removed before it becomes malignant. Right now we are at a grade 1 and with that we can successfully get it removed and have a 100% cure rate if they can get all of the tumor out. The worst part is that this is a very invasive procedure and has to be done by a specialist at the Dallas Surgical Center. We know this will be a very expensive surgery and my current financial situation will not allow me to pay for this for m sweet Jakey. I made a donation page for him for anyone that is able, willing or wanting to help out. You can see the details and his page by clicking here.

This is the time of year to get busy with your pups! Fall is here and weather is getting nice! Join one of our classes now!

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