Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Jake Needs Your Help!

Well for those of you on facebook and actively on my page (personal) or the Adventures in Canine Training fan page you may have already seen this . . . . for those that have not I'd like to post it here . . .

My sweet, sweet Lab, "Jake", was diagnosed with a mast cell tumor (which is apparently pretty common) and needs to have it removed by the Dallas Veterinary Surgical Center (DVSC) in Grapevine, per my veterinarian's suggestion. So today we went to the DVSC for a consult and estimate on costs and what all will be involved. The vet was remarkably nice and explained it all to me. The tumor is about 3-4" wide and maybe that deep, not sure until they actually "go in" and see. Once they take it they will send it off to the pathologist to get a grade. Grade 1 is good and curable with surgery, if they get it all out, and Grade 3 is usually deadly. She did say that she doesn't see Grade 3 very often so we are in the high hopes that it's a 1.

He is not in pain and it seems that he's not really sick in any way. So, he's doing well. Actually the guy is 70-lbs up from 62-lbs! I was shocked to see that on the scale today! However, he's still in good shape, so I guess this mommy was not feeding him enough . . . or maybe that darn tumor is sucking up some food! . . . .

The worst part of this is that my husband and I are financially strapped, like many in this economy, and we have zero means to fund this surgery. We are therefore trying to raise the funds for his surgery via donations. The surgery will cost $1500. I have set up a website where you can read more and donate OR you can donate now by clicking the "Chip In!" button on the widget below. I cannot tell you how sincerely we thank anyone who donates and helps!

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