Friday, December 3, 2010

On the 2nd Day of Christmas . . . .

. . . my doggie brought to me . . . a picture of his friend on a leash.  What does this photo tell us about his friend?  What would be best to do in this situation?

1st Day of Christmas:   . . . my doggie brought to me . . . a puppy who was whining because his nail was cut too short and bled a bit.  What was snipped accidentally that caused this to happen?
Answer: The "quick".  It is the artery that runs through a dog's nail & when snipped with a nail trimmer can bleed.  Bleeding is not normally profuse & can easily be stopped by dabbing a bit of corn starch or baking flour on the end of your dog's snipped nail.
Winner: Kim Bonfadini & Tango
Prize: Premier Squirrel Dude 

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  1. What does this photo tell us about his friend? What would be best to do in this situation?

    This doggie's owner has never done leash training or taught your doggie's dog friend how to pay attention to him and not whatever is else is so interesting.

    This doggie's dad obviously needs to redirect the attention of the dog back to him and stop standing there pulling on the leash. It looks like he is talking to the dog - he needs to stop. He can either turn away from the dog and just start walking or he can just stand there, no talking, no pulling on the leash and wait until the smart doggie calms down. Then he needs to turn the opposite direction and just keep moving. No begging the dog to come etc.
    The doggie is obviously more interested in something besides what his dad is saying to him. Recall training!

  2. ohh, I couldn't tell that from the picture. I thought he was just pulling on the leash. :)