Wednesday, December 15, 2010

On the ___ day of Christmas . . .

Well, I must apologize!  I just fell flat off the Earth last week & never did finish up the 12 Days of Doggie Christmas Holiday contest that I had started!  So, we are going to finish this up now.  It will now be to your advantage as I'm going to bunch up all the other 5 days (7-12) into this one post & you can win the great prize of 15% off any dog training service through Adventures in Canine Training if used by February 1, 2010.  

You must answer every single answer correct to win and you cannot win if you have already submitted a correct answer to any of the others last week.  Good luck!   Remember to comment on the post with your answers or send your answers via email to me: by Monday, December 20th at 5:00 pm.
On the 7th day of Christmas my doggie brought to me . . . a bottle of empty Tylenol.  Uh oh, did he have a headache?  Answer the following:  If your dog is in pain you can give him/her aspirin if dosed correctly according to weight.  True or false?  Please explain your answer.

On the 8th day of Christmas my doggie brought to me . . . his friend who isn't very nice.  He doesn't like other dogs too well.  If a dog is aggressive to other dogs will he likely be aggressive to humans as well?  Please explain your answer.

On the 9th day of Christmas my doggie brought to me . . . a tapeworm--ewww!  How do dogs  most commonly get tapeworms?

On the 10th day of Christmas my doggie brought to me . . . some serum.  What famous dog in  the 1920s brought serum to a town to help a diptheria outbreak?  What was his name & breed?

On the 11th day of Christmas my doggie brought to me . . . a Great Dane with gastric torsion.  What is that more commonly known as & what is it?

On the 12th day of Christmas my doggie brought to me . . .  a little dog that was bred to chase badgers out of holes, what breed of dog is it?

----- previous days -----

6th Day of Christmas: . . . my doggie brought to me . . . a dog that didn't bark.  What breed of dog doesn't bark?
Answer:  The Basenji.  They make a yodeling sound but do not actually bark.
Winner: None.
Prize: None.

5th Day of Christmas: . . . my doggie brought to me . . . a dog that had heartworms--oh no!  How does a dog get heartworms?
Answer:  Heartworms are most commonly transmitted via mosquitoes.  So we know that here in Texas they can be very common.  You should give your dog a monthly heartworm preventative such as Heartgard or Interceptor.
Winner: Lisa Young & her crew
Prize: $10 off a group class
4th Day of Christmas: . . . my doggie brought to me . . .a dog that climbed a tree.  What rare breed of dog climbs trees?
Answer: The New Guinea Singing Dog climbs trees and has to be kept in a yard that is completely enclosed.  It was thought that there were only 150 in captivity until about a month ago 85 were discovered in a hoarder's home in Pennsylvania.  Read the story here
Winner: None.
Prize: None.

3rd Day of Christmas:  . . . my doggie brought to me . . . a sweet little puppy that drooled all over me.   What kind of puppy is this?  What movie did this breed have a main role in?
Answer:  This is a Dogue de Bordeuax puppy, also known as a French Mastiff.  This was the same breed as "Hooch" from the movie "Turner & Hooch" starring Tom Hanks in 1989. 
Winner: Ashley Prince & Josey
Prize: $5 off any training service

2nd Day of Christmas: . . . my doggie brought to me . . . a picture of his friend on a leash.  What does this photo tell us about his friend?  What would be best to do in this situation?
Answer: The first thing that should be noticed is the dog's body language, not the leash.  The dog is completely stressed out.  Ears back, head turned away, not sitting down completely & he's at the end of the leash as much as possible (attempt to get away).  The man is trying to convince the dog to listen but it's not going to work, he's too stressed.  The owner needs to learn to "listen" to his dog.  How?  By learning more about canine body language.  A good start is this article.  You can also Google "calming signals" to learn more. 
Winner: None.
Prize: None.

1st Day of Christmas:   . . . my doggie brought to me . . . a puppy who was whining because his nail was cut too short and bled a bit.  What was snipped accidentally that caused this to happen?
Answer: The "quick".  It is the artery that runs through a dog's nail & when snipped with a nail trimmer can bleed.  Bleeding is not normally profuse & can easily be stopped by dabbing a bit of corn starch or baking flour on the end of your dog's snipped nail.
Winner: Kim Bonfadini & Tango
Prize: Premier Squirrel Dude Interactive toy

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