Saturday, December 4, 2010

On the 3rd Day of Christmas . . . .

. . . my doggie brought to me . . . a sweet little puppy that drooled all over me.   What kind of puppy is this?  What movie did this breed have a main role in?

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2nd Day of Christmas: . . . my doggie brought to me . . . a picture of his friend on a leash.  What does this photo tell us about his friend?  What would be best to do in this situation?
Answer: The first thing that should be noticed is the dog's body language, not the leash.  The dog is completely stressed out.  Ears back, head turned away, not sitting down completely & he's at the end of the leash as much as possible (attempt to get away).  The man is trying to convince the dog to listen but it's not going to work, he's too stressed.  The owner needs to learn to "listen" to his dog.  How?  By learning more about canine body language.  A good start is this article.  You can also Google "calming signals" to learn more. 
Winner: None.
Prize: None.

1st Day of Christmas:   . . . my doggie brought to me . . . a puppy who was whining because his nail was cut too short and bled a bit.  What was snipped accidentally that caused this to happen?
Answer: The "quick".  It is the artery that runs through a dog's nail & when snipped with a nail trimmer can bleed.  Bleeding is not normally profuse & can easily be stopped by dabbing a bit of corn starch or baking flour on the end of your dog's snipped nail.
Winner: Kim Bonfadini & Tango
Prize: Premier Squirrel Dude Interactive toy


  1. Dogue de Bordeaux - Turner and Hooch...?

  2. Looks Like I got beat; dogue de bordeaux, Turner and Hooch was my guess too.