Saturday, August 8, 2009

Extreme Mutt Makeover: Part II

Here we are, one week from the day I got Harry. Yes, this is the name we've decided on. Harry Pooper to be exact. I call him my "wizard dog" as he's quite bright and proving to be very fun to work with. Challenging to say the least, as I know I got handed the youngest of all of them. I don't think they would have actually given him to me if they actually knew how young he actually is. He's between 5-6 months just due to his immature adult teeth and puppy antics that he displays daily.

I'm having loads of fun with him (I already said that didn't I?) and trying to think of what we will do for our huge routine for the competition. I will be doing 3 competitions, well 2 with the possibility of a 3rd if I make it in the top 3.

He's definitely smart. He'll pick up something in a matter of a few repetitions and then he seems to be pretty reliable with it. He's learned sit, down, stay, come and walk on leash already and just today he began to offer his paw on command (like for "shake").

He's definitely not potty trained, although I'm actually questioning if he may have a urinary tract infection or something related as he's urinating very frequently. I've cleaned up a wet crate every morning for the past couple of days and my living room rug has been shampooed three times now. I now have him tethered to me so that he cannot get out of my site for one second. He doesn't even seem to appear like he's going to go potty and then he just does it! I'm going to watch him for a few days and see if this is behavior related or possibly medical.

Here is a video I took of him from Friday.

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