Sunday, August 23, 2009

Extreme Mutt Makeover: Part IV

Well here we are 3 weeks later and Harry has come a ways. He's still got some kinks he needs to work out but I think he's a pretty swell guy! He definitely has looks on his side and he's incredibly intelligent. He loves treats and works for them diligently.

His nipping is out of control, in my opinion as a dog trainer, but now I can see how it is to live with a dog that learned early on that hands are toys. I do belive this was what he was taught, intentionally? Probably not but it happened and he'd much rather chew your hand than a toy. Toys are pretty much of no interest, even with a squeaker in it. So we are working on this some.

The competition is just scaring me half to death. I'm so worried we'll just flop out there. To get him out and training in distractions has proven to be very challenging with my everyday life matters while also balancing working for a living!

We took Harry to Starbucks Sunday morning for a little outing and a coffee run. He did a nice sit-stay for me before we left so I could take this shot of him.

I've taken him biking as much as possible, just about everyday. He can go several miles, unlike my poor dogs. Well Noah can go a while but my other dogs can barely make the block without just being exhausted. Harry and I try several miles a day, when I can. He loves it.

Did I mention that I ended up purchasing the K9 Bike Jogger that I had advertised in a post a few weeks ago? Yes. I did get it. I love it! It is remarkable. Keeps the dog from going in front, back or into the bike wheel/your leg. It's just the best thing ever! It is also very difficult for the dog to pull you over on the bike. I was certain they could do that but even the 90-lb Golden Retriever I bike with 2 x a week can't do it, and did do it when I just held the leash and biked with him before! . . . and speaking of it's time for us to take a bike ride! Stay tuned for more on Harry's big adventures!

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