Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Fa la la la!

Well I'll put a lot of goodies in this post.  First, for many of you wonderfully super followers you have been a reason for my sweet Jake still being on this planet today!  Again, more thanks to everyone who has been supportive in every way, I am truly grateful forever.  He continues to do well.  He's being a sweet, jolly ole Jakey as we knew him before!  He is still sporting his "cone of shame" but alas he doesn't care at all.  It's pretty funny that thing is so obtrusive that when  he goes behind the laundry room door and attempts to then go back around the door to leave, his cone catches the door and  he ends up shutting himself in there!  I discovered the other night that Jake was nowhere to be found. I was baffled. I went in the yard thinking I left him out there, "Jake! Jakey!" Nothing. I went in each room of the house.  Nothing.  Then I hear the clanking in my laundry room.  Ah there he is!  Silly boy.

We're Competing badgeNow for some business. I need votes... well Adventures in Canine Training needs votes!  If you recall last year at this time I was in the running for the CityVoter's A-List for Dallas amongst 27 other nominees!  In the end I came in 2nd place for BEST TRAINER in Dallas!  Whoa, great accomplishment!  I want to reach #1 and I have enough supporters to do this.  I need your votes!  People can only vote once, period the end.  So this truly means that the number of votes are critical!  Recruit friends to vote, knock on doors, campaign for me here at Adventures in Canine Training in any way you see necessary.  Ok.  You can vote here.  And by the way, thanks for your vote.  Your vote is what keeps us going strong all year long!

And lastly, did you get or read my latest newsletter?  Loads of great stuff in there--loads of it!  Take a look at that here if you haven't already!

And don't forget to buy Gift Certificates for that special dog person you know!  Contact Stacy for purchasing.  On sale through this Friday, December 16th.

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