Monday, December 5, 2011

Sweet Survivor: Part IV

 Well it's late Sunday night as I type this.  Hubby went with me today to visit Jake, our toddler was with my in-laws so we went over there together.  He was much, much brighter and tail was wagging today.  He seemed pretty depressed and sad the other day.  I didn't really want to say that the other day but he wasn't all that happy on Friday.

He has lost a lot of weight and his face looks incredibly awful, major muscle atrophy.  However, he's eating and seemingly doing okay.  They said at this point he hasn't vomited but he also hasn't had a bowel movement so they are hoping for that.  They said they had cleaned out his plumbing so well during surgery they thought it'd be a bit before he actually did have to poop!

Anyway, I'm hoping to take him home tomorrow (Monday).  First, I have no idea what this bill is going to be at this point.  And second I think he'll be more comfortable here and feel better being home.

Anyway, since we are coming up on day 5 in the hospital I'm still hoping and praying for some more donations.  By the Grace of God we have had the remarkable donations pour in so far and the contributions have been incredible.  I mean I cannot find words to thank all of these dog-loving people!  We could still use some help and we'd love it if you shared this on Facebook or Twitter, email or whatever other social media you use!  Yes, now I'm kind of begging.  A bit sad and desperate, but that's the reality at this point!  

Thank you, thank you and thank you to all of those who have kept up with him, prayed, paid, supported, spread the word and much more.  You have no idea how much it truly does mean to me and my family!  Truly some acts of paying it forward!  God Bless you all! (Link to the Chip In! donations here for those who cannot see the widget to the right.)

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