Friday, December 2, 2011

Sweet Survivor: Part III

Today is a new day!  First, Dr. Franks is awesome. I woke up this morning to a text that had a picture of sweet Jakey and a text that said -- He has done well overnight :)  Great thing for me to wake up to!

So I went to visit him around 3pm.  He was pretty sad looking (Labs are good at this!), I think in pain, but he was happy to see me.  They told me that he had nibbled a small piece of chicken earlier but not really eaten.  I mixed some food for him at home and put his enzymes (he has to have due to his EPI) on it and blended it in the blender since he's going to have to have basically a liquid diet from now on.  I tried to give him some when we were in the room but he just licked a bit and then just laid down.

I told him he had to eat (it's coming up on 5 days since he's eaten) and stay strong and that I'd be back to get him.  I hate visiting dogs in hospitals because I always wonder what they think as you walk out the door and leave them there.  Anyway, he needed to go back in his little area and get back on his pain meds and fluids.  So they came and took him.

I talked to Dr. Franks and she asked if he ate anything for me. I told her about the food I made and that he licked a tiny bit.  She said it was good he was willing and trying.  She also said, "...he has got to have the worst bellyache ever!"  Poor guy.  So she feels that he really needs to stay through the weekend, which I am not arguing with as he needs more constant care to ensure he's going to pull through all of this.  She also said he was one heck of a fighter!  And we knew that.  I said that before. I told my husband perhaps we should call him "Rudy" since he never gives up! (That's in reference to the 1993 movie, "Rudy")

So on my way home Dr. Franks texts me -- He just ate 1/2 c of shredded chicken. Wofled it down.  Right before I was writing orders to only feed his own food with enzymes in it!  I text her back -- I must have inspired him!   So we are excited he's seeming to want to eat now.  The prayer is that food stays down and hopefully he has a bowel movement.  Ugh, that's gonna hurt that poor guy!  But this is the difficult part for him, the reason he's here now anyway.  So this will be another big hurdle if he can do those things.

With all this said, I'm having a much better day today.  Not blowing my nose and trying to ice my swollen eyes down.  I know I owe it all to the Big Guy Upstairs and all the support, prayers and love he's received from all my (and Jake's!) adoring clients, trainer-friends (near and far!), veterinarians, friends and family.  Thank you so much to all of you. I could not have made it without you and Jake surely couldn't have!  

I am still in awe at the donations.  This is incredible.  We are still taking those, of course.  Now that he's staying longer we know the bill will be higher than was originally posted.  But I would not have been able to do this at all without the donations I have!  Thank you again and again and again...  Here is his ChipIn page again, and please feel free to share.

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  1. stacy -thx for the updates. i had to wipe a few tears away as i read this. i'm so happy that he's pulling through to fight another day. (anonymous tara :)

  2. Sweet boy. And I love the comparison to Rudy (one of my favorite movies!). Keeping him in my thoughts and prayers. Please continue to keep up posted!